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Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

Investigation of Therapeutic Potential of Sri Lankan Aegle Marmelos (L). Corr. as an Anti-Bacterial Agent
Use of Paddy Husk Ash in Production of Garden Tiles

Suitability of Agricultural Waste for Sustainable Papermaking

Design of a 3D Printer

Development of Production Plan & Forecast Model for Spices Manufacturing Company
Intelligent Transport System

Auto Resonance Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) System
Automated Fabric Defect Detection and Classification

Implementation of Eco Friendly Biochar Producing Stove

Valorization of paddy husk ash through silica extraction

Develop Simulation Models For Quickly Evaluating Alternative Layouts in the Apparel Industry
Low Cost Portable Machine Vision System Product Identification & Storage

Implementation of STEP Compliant Numerical Controller

Develop Simulation Models for Quickly Evaluating Alternative Layouts in the Apparel Industry
Design of Temperature and Humidity Display System for Tea Industry Using IoT

IoT based Automatic Storing and Retrieval System
Pick & Place Mechanism for Heat Seal Label Use in Garment Industry
Cutting Mechanism for Fresh Condiments

CNC Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Komarika (Aloe Vera) Pulp Separation Machine for Herbal Medicinal Applications
Fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Traffic Monitoring
Development of a Disposable Water Filter as an Add-on to the Water Tap