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Best Technical Paper Awards
  1st place  : Paper #33 - Transradial Prostheses : Current Status and Future Direction
  2nd place: Paper #02 - Application of lean logistics in engine plant
  3rd place : Paper #26 - E-commerce (WEB) Application security: Defense against Reconnaissance

Certificates for presenters and participants will be delivered by post.
Now you can download Book of Abstracts and other symposium material here.

The Manufacturing Engineering Association (MEA), spearheaded by the staff and students of the Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, is organizing the first ever symposium dedicated to Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering in Sri Lanka.

Manufacturing sector is the backbone of a country’s economy. Sri Lanka, despite being rich with natural resources and an educated and skilled workforce, is lagging behind its regional counterparts in this aspect. Realizing this, the government in its most recent policy review, has underlined the importance of a dynamic and sophisticated manufacturing industry for the country to meet development goals. Industry and academia go hand in hand. Higher educational institutions produce engineers and technologists for tomorrow, and they have a key role to play in industrializing the nation, by providing the latest technical know how, and conducting breakthrough research for the industry. MIES is the first national-level platform of its kind, solely dedicated to bring together industrialists, academics, and researchers to discuss, share and showcase their needs, views, findings, technologies and creations.

◉ Technical paper presentations
◉ Project prototype exhibition and posters
◉ IoT and IoRT workshops

  • To showcase the contribution made by the graduates to the country’s manufacturing sector.
  • To create a platform for industrialists, academics, and researchers to share most up-to-date knowledge and experience on manufacturing.
  • To present research and innovations on product and process developments related to Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering sectors     from all over the country.